Monday, August 07, 2006

Last week was particularly busy for me; after a week at home, as it is a lot of work had piled up, and if that was not enough, new work arrived to make me feel more 'needed' in the company. It is needless to say that I was going early to office and returning late. I had to spend the Saturday in office, and was planning to spend yesterday (Sunday) in office too, but getting up at seven, I felt drained and felt the crushing need to go back to sleep.
I was actually enjoying the pleasures of procrastination under my blanket when the cellphone started beeping announcing the arrival of a friendship day greeting from a not-so-close friend who was bulk sms-ing to all the contacts in her phone book a message she had received from someone else.
Darn friendship. Dash friendship day. I feel like an Al Capone for some time. "Where is my tommy gun?" Not finding it, I gently take my hands to my head and uproot a bunch of hair from my fast balding scalp. Still dissatisfied, unable to be a capone, I decide to become a raging bull and try to ram the wall down with my head, but the pain that follows soon restores to me my senses. I remember the words of Sri Sri Ravishankara. I take slow deep breaths. I feel myself calming down. I feel one with the universe.
Next, I pick up the phone, dial that friend and wish her "happy friendship day", and follow it with an inaudible "dash you and dash your friendship day."
Thank you Airtel. Hope you do good business on independence day. Or is there a special day before the fifteenth?

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Brad said...

I got a Friendship Day email from a girl I hadn't seen or spoken to in six years. I figured after I cut her and her annoyances off 72 months ago, she'd have gotten the hint. Olive branches be damned.

Great blog. Keep it up!