Friday, August 25, 2006

I don't believe in an object oriented world. I guess even Bjarne Stroustruppe didn't. True. Ada is a true object oriented language, and philosophically complete, but did it succeed? I know they coded in Ada for a long time, I admire its philosophical beauty, but it was more or less useless.

Even Bjarne never believed in object orientedness, or did he? Unfortunately we will never know. But rumours do go around that he didn't, and he even gave an interview to the IEEE ridiculing what he himself created - C++.

But again Bjarne Stroustrup denies it in his webpage and he says is the real interview. I don't know. Maybe even he was under too much pressure from the Software Engineering world to deny ever having given such an interview. Who knows. There are Titans, Zeuses and Neptunes in the Software world who wouldn't let anyone escape with ridiculing what has kept the industry going on for years. Not even the man who started it all.

I did a little bit of experimentation with Java. Its really nice to code in java, I agree : it makes you lazy and produces a program which takes a million years to load and get started up. You never realize how much every function (or whatever is the OO equivalent of it) costs. You just don't understand, and don't bother to find out, because you are spoiled.

They always tell you, don't do too many mallocs : does anyone know why? Most people don't. How many programmers today care to open the source code of malloc (now don't tell me that you don't have the source code : get the glibc code)? I am afraid there won't be many.

Now I know you'll say why don't I ask everyone to go back to the days where everything had to be written in assembly. Well. Assembly is too difficult. And the bloody thing gives nothing. You just spend your time in the nuances and forget what you are actually trying to do.

Some day a revolution will come. We will go back to text mode. I will wait till then.

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ashok said...

Try lisp or scheme dude.. and learn lambda calculus. Someday u'll get back to java :)