Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I get brilliant ideas and then they fade from my mind was that I can't read anymore so. Yea but I want to read.
It doesn't take much to tell a Bush joke. And I actually quit doing it. It is like topsoil on fertile ground. You know they are just magnificent jokes. But I told in concert in which I was telling i won't tell you. and the audience just howled. And then I got a really beautiful from a conservative man and he said it hurt the feelings of the people who he was with so badly that they had left the auditorium. So I wrote him and said thanks for turning the light on, you know, that doesn't really help that stuff. He would say, excuse me Gandy, and then I would tell a joke. And then I read "Bush On The Couch" and if you haven't read its really helpful.. no serious.. to find out about his little sister who died when he was something like eight she was 3 and they played a lot together, I guess they were very close. But that secretive family never told him why little by little she was getting weaker and why he should be when they played... then she would be gone for longer and longer time obviously to the hospital but they never told him. So the first he knew... By the way the day after the little girl died the parents went golfing. And i think thats a wall of denial thats all it is. And then they came home and George W was waiting to see his little sister and she wasn't there and they told him "she's dead". so thats enough of a trauma really to set off this whole mentality because he never could look at it never could get any help with it. His mother's hair turned gray and he started to "you did. You're white". And she went into terrible depression and he stayed in there and he tried to cheer her up which could explain also some of his behaviour. So I stopped hating him at that point. I still turn off the TV when I see his face. but I stopped hating him.

Joan Baez
Camp Casey, Crawford, Texas, 21/08/05.

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