Thursday, November 02, 2006

The newspaper read "Good Morning Bengalooru" (Gosh, I still can't spell it, and perhaps, I don't want to spell it that way). Karnataka became more Suvarna today. Kannada language was enriched today. Today is a proud day for every Kannadiga.
I fail to understand what changing the name of a city has to do with Karnataka becoming Suvarna. I'd rather say that it is a sad day for Karnataka. I wonder how much money must have been spent to change the name of Bangalore (which sounds so good) to Bengaluru. Where did this money come from - the tax payer's pocket. There were so many ways to spend this money in a better way, but alas, all they decided to do was to change the name. Vote bank politics. First, make the Kannadigas feel that their culture and language is under threat, and then, do something to make them feel more secure. That will fetch you votes. At the same time destroy the country.
Come to think of it another way, does it really fetch votes? I mean, the number of votes is constant, and every party is lobbying for the same thing, every party plays the same partisan politics - give more quotas to SCs and STs, change the name of Madras to Chennai, Calcutta (I still love the name Calcutta and I refuse to use the name Kolkata - yes, I am a Bengali) to Kolkata and Bangalore to Bengaluru. So if one fine day, all parties suddenly decide to stop doing partisan politics -- now note here that I'm not asking these parties to work dedicatedly and sincerely for the betterment of the country, but to do something which won't harm their vote bank and satisfy me and many others like me as well -- none of the parties will lose votes; rather they would get a chance to gain more votes because if they stop doing partisan politics, India, some day will become a super-power and poverty will be reduced. More money will flow in. More money means more guns. More guns in the hands of thugs will enable the same parties to do more rigging during elections.
I don't understand why all these political leaders don't have the common sense to understand that their election budgets are, in a way, restricted by the Indian economy. If the economy grows, their election budget will as well.
Make me the prime minister. I will, at least, rule the country with common sense, if not with sincerity and patriotism.


ashok said...

I read the same paper that day and was wondering how they were able to fill all sheets with sheer useless 'information'(i'd rather call it 'data'). Whats in name when there are lots more to be done.
When you got your vehicle, you paid more road tax than neighbouring states, you still keep paying more as infrastructure tax on every drop of petrol you buy, and they are no where near giving a good infrastructure, and they all they really care about is the name.
But the government is not the only one to be blamed. after all the government is of and by the people.

Keep bloggin.

PS: i thought Suvarna karnataka was meant to symbolize 50 years after formation. and AFAIK karnataka is the only state celebrating the formation day,(atleast i get a holiday :D)

Enchanted Times said...

I agree with you. And all the time that is wasted to send the crap mails to the HRD abt the name change... letting it reflect in all the paperwork... they could rather divert those finances to build the very much needed infrastructure for the city... even if it would just be a drop of water in the ocean...