Friday, November 03, 2006

I hate to put pictures up in my blog simply for the reason that they take up too much time to load. My idea of a webpage is that it need not be flashy but it should provide me with the required information without my having to wait for too long. Anyway, this is not what I'd like to write about in this post.
This post is about Keshav's cartoon about the indian economy which appeared in the Hindu today. So, you see, I couldn't have done anything else but to paste this cartoon in my blogpage.
As IT grows, so does the divide between the rich and the poor. Every now and then we hear the slogans of "India Inc." and "India Shining". Is the availability of the fruit kiwi in food world the index of India's shine? Or is the stock exchange a mirror of the true India? IT, or all these multinationals provide jobs to a miniscule fraction of people in India. I agree that it brings in a lot of capital to India, but this capital remains in the hands of the select few.
Its a pity that communism did not work.
Ironically enough, I was seeing this cartoon on my laptop's TFT monitor.

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