Sunday, October 29, 2006

Its Sunday today, and after a long time, I am not at my aunt's place on a Sunday. Sunday is mostly meant to be a holiday - I reckon this is Europe, or more specifically Christianity's gift to the world. Perhaps, it was originally a mandatory holiday to allow people to go to church and pay due respects to Rome's authority.
Over the centuries things haven't changed much. I'm not talking of people still going to church on Sundays. That context is meaningless in today's world - only a ritual everyone does for old times' sake.
The real essence of Sunday today lies in consumerism - the very thing that drives the economies of the world. Six days a week you strive hard in your factories to make the things which you are 'told' you need, and on the seventh day, the same factories give you a holiday for you to go and buy what you produce.

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