Monday, October 16, 2006

Finally we are moving to a new house tomorrow. This house that we are living in now is no better than a dungeon - perhaps a prisoner rotting in the dungeons of a medeaval knight, as described by Mark Twain, will find me a little better than him, but again, that would be debatable. Bangalore is a city blown out of propertion, a city trying to become what it is not, trying to become what it can perhaps never become, trying to become what it should not become. It shows everywhere - the way people talk, the way houses are built, the way the roads are designed, the way people drive their cars, the way offices are designed, so on and so forth, the list will be endless. No one bothers about the laws, nor does anyone have any of the civic sense South Indian people were revered for earlier. People drive over dividors, ride their bikes into footpaths. While building houses people don't follow the regulations, but save a lot of construction cost by having a common wall for two houses.
Enough of cribbing. I am finally moving to a house in which one knows whether its the day or night when the clock shows 12 AM.

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