Monday, September 11, 2006

I haven't updated my blog in a while, and I guess it is ok not to do so. Writing is something that should not be done as a profession; when one is asked to produce words on demand, at best a soulless beauty is produced. My uncle once told me, to write something, one should be like a glass filled to the brim, the convex surface of the water above the edge, and then a single drop more is enough to serve as a trigger to spill all the water over.
One may argue that it may not be so - columnists produce columns at regular intervals, and even Ruskin Bond published beautiful stories in the Telegraph every week. We forget one thing, how often different people feel varies widely, and it was not necessary for Ruskin Bond to follow a routine and write one story every week. He had the liberty to write his stories and keep them for later use.
The only people, who, I grant, can do something at regular intervals and still produce something soulful are cartoonists.

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