Sunday, November 13, 2011

The National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) is contemplating relaxing the definition of creamy layer to include those with an annual income of less than 12 lakhs. Good for them. Who cares if the rich fill up all the reservations. After-all, the poor are unworthy of government favors, aren't they? The poor are incompetent, which is why they have remained poor. They don't deserve OBC quota at all. Sure the government is throwing them a few crumbs, but poor mongrels should be grateful and should not whine like rabid dogs. The country would be much better off eradicating the poor. Well, we should probably set up a ministry for eradication of stray dogs and poor people, as we know, we have fallen much behind on our plans on this. There should be a single ministry for both the tasks, as the strategies to be followed in both the tasks are not quite different.

M N Rao, of NCBC says that
affirmative action revolves around 'social discrimination' and economic advancement alone cannot determine social advancement.
Well, I think he erred a little in calculating the full meaning of this path-breaking hypothesis. I would suggest removing the income criteria on the ability to use OBC reservations. After all, don't our OBC industrialists and politicians need the reservations. They are socially backward as well, and they shall always remain so. Of course, we should never come up with a credible measure of measuring backwardness. But we have firmly established that income and social backwardness are not related. Perhaps we are a little wrong in that. We should probably amend the creamy layer rule and ONLY ALLOW people with income MORE THAN 1 crore a year to avail themselves of the OBC quota.

Well, its not surprising. At least it is consistent with the other views that this government seems to subscribe to: that a person in an urban area can live at Rs. 32 per day, and that BCCI and the F1 organizers should be exempt from tax. I must say that the government has very sound and consistent policies that don't conflict with each other.


Sh@s said...

Theres not much that one can expect from these bunch of fools. We should cut down their salary to Rs. 32 a day and lets see if they can manage without any of those special allowances.

Rajbir Bhattacharjee said...

@Sh@s. My feelings exactly. I'd add perks to special allowances (perks like bunglow, servants, car, phone all paid for by public money).