Saturday, October 22, 2011

/usr/games/fortune is a wonderful program. My $HOME/.profile file executes "/usr/games/fortune -a". Every time I open a terminal, it gives displays a nice little fortune. What it displayed this morning was especially interesting:

Although written many years ago, Lady Chatterley's Lover has just been
reissued by the Grove Press, and this pictorial account of the
day-to-day life of an English gamekeeper is full of considerable
interest to outdoor minded readers, as it contains many passages on
pheasant-raising, the apprehending of poachers, ways to control vermin,
and other chores and duties of the professional gamekeeper.
Unfortunately, one is obliged to wade through many pages of extraneous
material in order to discover and savour those sidelights on the
management of a midland shooting estate, and in this reviewer's opinion
the book cannot take the place of J. R. Miller's "Practical Gamekeeping."
-- Ed Zern, "Field and Stream" (Nov. 1959)

Must have data packages for fortune:
fortunes-off : Offensive fortunes
fortune-spam : fortunes taken from SPAM messages

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