Sunday, July 10, 2011

This post is for Sh@s, someone whose blog I love to read. She complained that there are no updates on this blog, so this is for her, and I'll try to key a few random thoughts in while I still have access to a friend's computer.

Joan Baez, performing at Camp Casey, before singing her Where have all the people gone's and Diamonds and Rust's joked: "I get these brilliant ideas and then they fade from my mind, plus I can’t read any more."

It is much the same with me. I do get these ideas that seem brilliant when I get them, sometimes I follow them, mull over them, and then they don't seem so good. At other times, I just forget about them.

My problem isn't that I can't read though. My problem, is that I don't own a laptop, or a smartphone, and any post that I make has to be made during office hours from my office desktop, which is pretty limiting. Yes, I am a software engineer.

I take pictures with my camera, and don't find enough time to gimp them when I'm in office.

I subscribe to about thirty blogs, and just about manage to read them all on google reader.

Delhi is killing. I leave home at 7:30 in the morning, more often than not, the newspaper wouldn't have arrived by then. The days when the newspapers arrive, I have a not-so-boring time in the pot-tee. I remember my dad multitasking a lot in the pot-tee - he'd always go to the pot-tee with a radio in one hand, and his shaving equipment clutched in the other, and always managed to listen to the morning news and do his shaving - and we didn't have a western toilet then. That is what I call skill.

I try to avoid the evening traffic and leave office after 8. I reach home only by 9:30, and have just enough time to make myself a raita or some khichri for dinner. I'd love to get back to my music, and have been planning that for a long time. I'd love to get back to my work-outs - which have taken a back-seat since I shifted to Delhi - and have to find some way of doing that.

I love Delhi, I hate Delhi.

At this point, I can only hope that this hasn't sounded like rant. That was not my intention. Sh@s, I just want to tell you that, I want to write, but things don't always work out the way I want. Delhi is killing. After nine years in South India, it is difficult to get used to Delhi. :)

P.S. - @Sh@s, I'm writing this post on the last day of my vacation which I spent partly in Bangalore and partly in Vellore. Isn't it ironic?


Sh@s said...

Hi! Thanks a lot for writing the post despite the difficulties and for the dedication. Feeling a bit guilty now for poking you to write. Had no idea that you were on a vacation and without any access to net. Sorry, if my comment sounded like a complaint :P

Your post made an interesting read and I loved it. It didn't sound like a rant at all. Hats off to your dad for his multi-tasking act. Life in a metro ain't easy. Its hard but fun, too. Ya, ideas fade with time if we don't record them somewhere. Do maintain a diary or something. At times I end up writing on handbills or chocolate rappers lest I forget them. Do share your clicks when you get the time. Would love to see them. Hope you had an enjoyable holiday and all the best for your Delhi sojourn. Thanks once again. TC

Rajbir Bhattacharjee said...

@Sh@s, well, no guilt feeling required. Its OK. No sweat. Chill. I don't take things so seriously, and don't expect others to do so as well. Often I'm quite frivolous.