Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Delhi has been rocking since the last two weeks; the rains along the comfortable temperatures and not-so-comfortable traffic jams it brings, is not the only contributor. The Kanwars have played the major role in making Delhi more animated and my journeys interesting. Every morning, on my way to office, I while my time watching the Kanwars, clad in saffron shorts and tees, walk, carrying their burden on their shoulders. Every evening, I'm greeted by trucks carrying loads of excited Kanwars returning from their pilgrimage, packed into trucks which are equipped with huge boom speakers and generators to power them, dancing all the way. The music they play is also interesting; one might even feel that the ecstatic Kanwars have created mini discos with lively music within the confines of each truck. However, if one listens carefully, one will notice that the music being played are Bhajans sung to the tune of Punjabi Dance music or romantic bollywood numbers. I may be an atheist, but this kind of music almost convinces me that God is omnipresent (thank God, it falls just short of convincing me).

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