Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Economy Vs. Environment

I always suspected that economy-for-profit can never be a good thing for the planet, or almost always, as current economic models (ones that completely neglect the human factor) usually fail when humans bend the system.
This report from treehugger talks about the carbon emissions in the US going down by 9% in the last two years because of the depression, in-spite of no significant deliberate action taken to reduce it.
I know this doesn't prove my suspicion. It is not even an example of my suspicion. But it is an example of the negation of the relation I suspect applies here ("a good economy is bad for the planet" negates to "a bad economy is good for the planet").
This just makes me a little bit more convinced about my suspicion.


krishna said...

i think the reduction in carbon print is due to reduction in Industrial production..after high crude prices,americans are thinking twice to venture out in a 2 tonne car for 50 g sandwich..

W H said...

Krishna: totally agree.