Thursday, September 27, 2007

Abdul Kalam's dream - India to be a super power in 2020.

Abdul Kalam's dreams come true in South Africa. Dhoni leads the way.

A Pakistani player apologizes not only to all Pakistanis but to all Muslims around the world. For losing that is. Wait a minute. There are Muslims in India. Wait a minute more. There were Muslims in the Indian cricket team and they played an instrumental role in India's victory. Why was he apologizing then?

King Khan bleats his lungs out at the stadium. Halal Cut King Khan, the golden bakra voice of the hottest hunk, the Bruce Lee Bodied actor. Where's Karan Johar, or Himesh. Or, who's the new guy? Wait a minute, he is a Muslim too. Come on, you don't have to apologize to King Khan. The King was there to cheer India.

Another Pakistani player congratuled "All the Indian nations". Congrats West Indians. Congrats American Indians. Congrats Aboriginal Indians. Wait a minute, Americans and Aboriginal Indians do not play cricket. I'm confused.

Video con ad. Uniforms of 6 or so countries hanging from a clothes line. Dhoni ne sabka dhulai kar dala. Dhoni with a bit. A videocon washing machine beside him. Wait a minute, if he used his bat to wash the clothes, then where did the washing machine come to picture. I get it, before putting the clothes to the washing machine you need to hit it with a bat, otherwise they don't go clean.

Mithai wallas were the true supporters of India. Through thick and thin. Through rain and puddles in the municipal roads. They made sure that they had sweets stacked. Sweets sold like hotcakes.

Fireworks all over. People dried the damp, rain sogged powder in the fireworks in the Videocon drier. The pollution control board took no readings of the air pollution the next day.

Prime Minister and President congratulated the Indian team. Of course, they have nothing better to do. At least this is one job Pratibha Patil is capable of doing.

Now India doesn't have to play for 3 years.


Meeaaaooowww!! said...

Sarcasm much dear. But i agree with you. I am waitinf ro the day Indians start shooting people for loosing games (If you are familiar with soccer Brazil comes to mind). Now that will be another level in Indian cricket.

I am glad Kalam went back to his teaching...because one goos teacher is worth a thousand cricketers :-)

W H said...

Yes.. I guess the world will never be able to forget what happened to Andres Escobar..